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Enjoyed Christmas Lunch

Enjoyed Christmas 🥗 Lunch

On Christmas day I have a full schedule from the morning, and my first task was helping my user to solve his credit card problem.
He got the notice from the credit card company that his payment has been canceled and he couldn’t find out why so we got to meet together and went to the credit card information counter.

And we just found out it was a very simple problem that his credit card has not been linked with his bank account yet.

So we just fill in the paper and show the lady his credit card and bank account card and it’s all done.😁

It was about 30 minutes or so but it was quite hard work for foreigners who cannot understand any Japanese written document. I am very happy to help those people who are lost with squiggly Japanese characters!

So after that we went for a Christmas lunch together and we had a fun chatting each other 🎄✨

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