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What is Otomo?
What is Otomo?

Features of “Otomo”

Mobile phones are the most important thing for everyone in their lives.
While there are many low-cost SIMs that are provided by using lines from three major companies, Otomo is the only unique system that allows users to get the most benefit of free 120GB fee forever after referral of 2 users, so no need for advertising and service charge.

At the same time, we aim to contribute to society that we can save mobile bills so you can spend something else in the residence region to make your life more easy and comfortable, in a same time you can help your local shops and restaurants to spend your money.

Official Japanese Otomo


Official Japanese Otomo


Why Should I Choose Otomo?


Reason for choosing Otomo

  •  Affordable pricing compared to other companies
  • If you invite 2 people and register, your Any GB up to 120GB will be free FOREVER!
  • You can customize the plan that suits you
  • There is customer support to talk directly to ask and consult with you when you are in trouble
  •  Real-time Support for problem resolution
  • All-you-can-talk Kakehodai plans are also available
  •  120GB plan might be helpful for whom don’t have Wi-Fi at home.

Our service

English support

Otomo deal is really great benefit for all mobile users, unfortunately, they doesn’t have an English support. It’s a pity that foreigners can not get this benefit just because that you don’t fully understand Japanese, so I’ll step in and support foreigners.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via SNS chat or Line.

Available online and face-to-face support

Online support is available throughout Japan. Explanation and support using zoom, LINE, and video phone, and if there are a certain number of people, I can visit and have a small talk session. Please consult with me first.

Consultation available in Japan

I believe that it is very worry for you to live apart from your family in a foreign country as Japan.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about not only mobile phones but also Japanese language, culture, customs, etc. I will help you solving your problems while living in Japan as much as I can.



Bangladeshi F.T.

Hello, I’m from Bangladesh.
It’s been 5 years since I came to Tokyo to study Japan for working.
I used to use au, but it was 20 times more expensive than my home country, so I was really struggling, but I reached Ayumi on Facebook and Otomo was very cheap, so I switched.
I realized that it is not only cheap, but also their service is very good, so it is very helpful.
The company’s response is quick, and I highly recommended.


Indian D.P.

Hello, I’m from India.
8 years have passed since I came to Japan to study.
I used to use au, but the cost of cell phones in Japan is very high, so I asked my friend and decided to use Otomo. Since I do not have any friend who can speak Japanese, Ayumi’s Japanese support is very helpful!
It’s very good, so I’d like to recommend it to my friends.

Philippino D.Y.

Hello, I’m from the Philippines.
I’ve been working in Japan for 18 years, and I’ve been doing computer and cell phone repairs. I used to use Softbank before. I asked Ayumi and change it to Otomo.
I’m very happy that the mobile phone bill got very cheap now.
I’d like to recommend it to everyone who uses mobile phones.


The Japanese K.Y.

Hello, I’m studying in Australia, so I’m temporarily back in Japan to see my family.
Since there is no Japanese sim, I used the Global wifi.
I used to use docomo, au, and softbank before, but it’s 100GB so it is more than enough GB and it’s very cheap!
It has a good connection and is very easy to use just by turning on the power.
I would like to recommend it to everyone.


U.S.A. B.P.

I’m from United States of America.
A year ago, finally I got married even though it was right middle of Covid disaster and ended up living in Japan.
American sim is more expensive than Otomo!
You can change the plan online, check the remaining GB, and all the procedures are completed via online, so no stress.
English support by Ayumi is also very helpful, and when my phone died, Ayumi let me use her device until I get my phone back from repairing.
I’d love to recommend it to everyone!

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