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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually major low cost sim career allow 130 users in the one tube. Otomo allows only 86 users in the one tube so speed is fast enough.
You can check your speed with 3rd party mvno ranking app or site.

Most of MVNO uses DoCoMo network, connection area is basically same as DoCoMo. Otomo also use DoCoMo Network, so if you see Otomo has a difficult connection, DoCoMo also has a difficult connection, too.

Yes, you can apply via online, and all the necessary changes such as GB change for next month, revise current home address, payment method or credit card information, and re-issuance of new sim card can be done by online, too.

Yes we do. Usually low cost sim career do not have physical shop or phone number of call center, but we Otomo have a customer support and also technical support center for you to call or send them an email to access.
However we do not have an official English support, so I would like to help you as your agent to solve any kind of support as much as my time permits.

Users before contract July 2022, finishing contract within 1 year of Voice SIM and 3 years of Global Wifi need to pay penalty of 1 additional monthly fee will be charged.

Yes, you can use your phone unless your phone is unlocked. DoCoMo has a platinum band helps good connection for voice call, some of au Android smartphone does not accept the band calling quality get slightly low.

– No. Also ip phone number, Navi Dial number (Starting number with 0180, 0570 and some others), NTT operator 104, Time Alignment 117, Weather Forecast 177, and some other irregular numbers other than land phone or mobile numers are not included.

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