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Which plan are you?

Data SIM

Data GB

5GB ¥990
24GB ¥1,628
30GB ¥2,728
40GB ¥3,696
120GB ¥4,796

Data GB

5GB ¥1,150
24GB ¥1,793
30GB ¥2,893
40GB ¥3,861
120GB ¥4,961
Data+SMS SIM+Voice SIM

Top seller!!
Data GB

5GB ¥1,760
24GB ¥2,178
30GB ¥3,278
40GB ¥4,246
120GB ¥5,346
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¥110 Promo!
New Global WIFI

100GB/mo. 4,400yen/mo.
No limitation of a day, or 3 days
Foreign Countries Rate
1GB/day 1,000yen/day
(0:00〜23:59 Japan Time)
Won’t cost any if not in use
* Connect up to 10 devices available
* Battery last 13 hours
* Automatically connect most stable connection
* With light weight and easily visible display

Connection is available in 135 Worldwide countries.

New Global Cloud WIFI

5min. Free call  ¥770
15min. Free call ¥1,375
24hrs Free call ¥2,200
Paper Invoice ¥330
Call Waiting ¥330
Answering Machine ¥330
Stop Waiting & Get Started Today!
【Attention for SIM Users】

Attention! : Otomo is ONLY available for Residence in Japan. Temporary visitors or tourist CANNOT apply this sim card.

The initial cost will be 3,300 yen (tax included) for SIM opening operation and 433 yen (tax included) for SIM card issuance.

This service is a mobile data communication and voice call service that supports NTT DoCoMo’s Xi® and FOMA® areas.
Data-only or data-only SIMs are data-only and cannot be used for voice calls.

If you use voice calls for SIM with voice, you will be charged 22 yen/30 seconds (tax included).
Payment can be made by credit card or account transfer (only credit card payment is included in the plan with voice). Credit or debit cards can only be Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and Diners Club. It may not be possible to pay with a prepaid credit card nor Vandle card.

The call fee and SMS transmission fee will be charged two months later, so the total amount of the monthly fee and the call fee and SMS transmission fee will be settled two months ago.

The maximum communication speed for this service is 500 Mbps on receipt and 50 Mbps on transmission. If your monthly data traffic exceeds the specified high-speed data traffic, the transmission speed will be up to 200 kbps until the end of this month. In addition, the stated communication speed is the maximum value according to the standard and is not guaranteed as an effective speed.

Transmitting and receiving large amounts of data in a short period of time that may affect other customers’ use may temporarily limit the speed of communication.
NTT DoCoMo’s services such as SP mode and SP mode mail are not available unless you have an extended contract with mail server with NTT DoCoMo.

The basic fee is charged for one month without calculating the daily rate.
All-you-can-call option is an optional service that can be used GB with a voice plan, and free calls are applied during the hour without a dedicated application or leading number.

The all-you-can-call option is for domestic calls, not for “104” or other service calls or international calls.
Please be sure to read the SIM card and enclosed documentation as there are precautions for the unlimited call option.

The all-you-can-call option will be applied at the same time as you start using the new calling number, and in the case of MNP, it will be applied at around 10 a.m. the next day after the opening date.

In addition to call waiting (330 yen per month/tax included), answering machines (330 yen per month/tax included) and paper invoice (330 yen per month/tax included) are also available for subscribers of the SIM plan of Otomo. The monthly base fee for each option is from the start month of the optional contract to the end month of the contract, and there is no daily rate.

Changes to the plan and options for the contract month will be applied from the following month.

We cannot accept cancellations after applying for a plan change or option change.

For SIM contracts with voice calls, you will need to pay the SIM card basic fee + option fee for one month of cancellation.
Please check the terms of use for data communication and the terms of use for voice calls.

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